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I choose to be single since I was 25 for I have a bad experience having a relationship with a woman and I would say that was the very first time I fall in love with woman and definitely my first traumatic heart failure and heart break. Going back to those sorrowful mystery of my life I never thought I could be happier as I am today for I do have a very bad experience with a woman. I was a victim of betrayal. She betrayed me and what makes it more painful is that I saw her doing the act together with my best friend. I just didn’t lose a girlfriend I do lose a best friend too. The two important and closest persons in my life just go out from the picture of my life together. I blamed myself why those things happened. It was about a year since I started to realize to continue with life. Says Ashley of Paddington escort.

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As my head start of moving on I moved into another settings of my life. I resigned from my work and look for another new opportunity. I do really started from the very bottom of my life. When I found a job I was so happy then for I was able to look for a job on my own not with the help of anyone else. So when I had blessed with a very wonderful blessing I work hard for it and after 5 years of working in the company that I am connected with I became the CEO for I do burn candles, calories, time, effort and energy to make best in work. Being the CEO I had a lot of things to do with. Most especially with decision making for I had all the ability to decide on one thing for all the people in the company. And that would not be a small number to talk about it is about a million employees depending on my decisions per day. I will not say I am so good with decision making all what I am saying is that I just put my heart and dedication with my work which makes me who I am today. But of course I will not be in that position without the help of the great people who helped me through the different experiences that I encounter being an employee.

Being the head of a prestigious company I have all the prestigious privileges in the world. It is already a part of my job to join conventions and trainings into different countries in order to manifest development update of the world market. So when I had given the time to be in London Paddington escorts the fantastic one whenever I’m in London I always make sure I book them. I will never let the moment pass without seeing the best escorts inside London for they give me so much joy and fulfillment. They are always so good and best in serving their services.

Once I am with the company of the best escorts the Paddington escorts I feel so relaxed and intense with pleasure and satisfaction. A single man like me the Paddington escorts is all what we needed in order to sustain our deepest desire when it comes to pleasure and orgasms. Being single doesn’t mean that we don’t need to enjoy the magical effect of pleasure and orgasm. I couldn’t imagine a life being single without the having Paddington escorts in my life.

My favorite Paddington escorts always give me more power to face the different challenges of my life most especially with my work. I could not ask for more for I had enough with life now. I don’t feel the need of having a relationship for now and who knows like so many others who then fall in love with their favorite escort’s woman and who happens to be their long-time partner in life. But for the moment I am just totally enjoying my life to the fullest wherein I will do all my power to be always excellent with my job and with my life as a single.